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Chengro Staple Maintenance Fish Food

Chengro Staple Maintenance Fish Food | Chengro

Chengro Staple Maintenance Fish Food

Manufacturer: Chengro

SKU: Chg02A-40A

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Staple Maintenance Pellets

A completely nutritionally balanced floating fish food that is an economical product for daily feedings of pond Koi and goldfish. Contains a unique blend of high quality natural ingredients to promote good water quality and optimize the health of fish. 34% crude protein. 


fish meal, wheat flour, wheat germ, Brewers dried yeast, dehydrated alfalfa meal, calcium phosphate.

Chg02A: 2 lb. bag 

Chg05A: 5 lb. bag

Chg05BA: 5 lb. bucket 

Chg10BA: 10 lb. bucket 

Chg20A: 20 lb. bag 

Chg20BA: 20 lb. bucket 

Chg40A: 40 lb. bag