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Cal Pump Torpedo Bio Filter Plus

Cal Pump Torpedo Bio Filter Plus | Pressure Filters

Cal Pump Torpedo Bio Filter Plus

Discontinued Item Limited Qtys.

Manufacturer: Cal Pump

SKU: XCal118

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Biofilter that can be back-flushed without turning off the pump. 

An innovative rotating cartridge with integral sweeping brush action aids in the back flushing of organic material. 

Sturdy polypropylene/glass matrix tank and stainless steel clamp are durable and corrosion-resistant. 

1-1/2 MNPT on intake and discharge ports with 1 adapter included.

Backflush port is 1 MNPT includes garden hose adapter. 

Bioballs filtration media included.

XCal118 2000+ model  

approximate flow rate of 1000gph for ponds up to 2000 gal.