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PUMPGUARD 4oz to 1Gal

PUMPGUARD 4oz to 1Gal | Fountain Heads & Accessories

PUMPGUARD 4oz to 1Gal

Manufacturer: PONDMASTER

SKU: SUP03905-03909

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Pondmaster PUMPGUARD™

  • Instantly loosens minaral scale, lime, rust and other detritus from pond water pumps
  • Keeps your water pump operating properly and efficientl
  • Fast and easy to use Biodegradable
  • Contains less than 10% HCl acid


  • Keeps your Pump Operating Properly and Efficiently!
  • Fast and Easy To Use
  • Biodegradable

SUP03905: 4oz

SUP03907: 32oz

SUP03909: 1gal


Impeller Treatment:

  • Pour directly into the Volute/Impeller

Chamber Treatment:

  • Pour directly into the Volute/Impeller or
  • Dunk/Soak the Entire Pump