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Summit Clear-Water Pond Clay

Summit Clear-Water Pond Clay | Summit

Summit Clear-Water Pond Clay

Manufacturer: Summit

SKU: SUM140-141

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Summit Clear-Water Calcium Montmorillonite Pond Clay naturally helps clear your pond by binding with small organic particles so they can be removed by the filter system.

Artificial fish ponds typically build up various toxins and organic matter which naturally occur due to the decomposition of fish and organic waste products. The breakdown of these natural pollutants acts to cloud the pond’s water. Through applying Summit’s Clear-Water Calcium Montmorillonite Pond Clay you can naturally remove these harmful by-products. Clear-Water Pond Clay’s ability to remove impurities from water is possible due to its unique ionic charge. Clay particles are negatively charged, and form ionic bonds with positively charged impurities in the water. Through this process, relatively heavy clay particles bond to impurities, and sink to the pond bottom. These are then easily removed by the filter system, making the water crystal clear. Summit’s Clear-Water Calcium Montmorillonite clay is harvested from natural deposits, containing minerals and trace elements normally missing in artificial fish ponds. 

The minerals and elements in these clays, when ingested, help the digestive system of your fish and naturally improve the colors and skin quality of your koi and other fish. 

  • Natural flocculant binds to pond impurities for easy filtering  
  • Helps make water crystal clear 
  • Contains minerals and trace elements fish need 
  • Essential minerals helps improve fish color and skin quality 
  • Easy to apply and cannot be overdosed