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Summit Mosquito Dunk Chunks

Summit Mosquito Dunk Chunks | Summit

Summit Mosquito Dunk Chunks

Manufacturer: Summit

SKU: SUM17512

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Kill mosquito larvae with convenient toss of a chunk in small areas of standing water.

Mosquito Dunk ChunksŪ are small, wedge shaped chunks that float when placed in standing water. 

As it slowly dissolves over 30 days, each ChunkŪ releases a bacterium which is toxic to all species of mosquito larvae. The active ingredient is Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis (Bti). Bti is deadly to mosquito larvae but harmless to other living things. 

Simply place a biodegradable Mosquito Dunk ChunkŪ in koi ponds, birdbaths, rain barrels, or any place where water collects and remains for periods of time. Ideal for water reservoirs in self watering planters, in saucers of large patio pots, gutters and drainage ditches - any place where water pools and stays for longer than 4 days. 

While floating, the ChunkŪ slowly releases a long-term biological mosquito larvicide at the water’s surface. This larvicide gradually settles in the water, and while it travels through the water it is eaten by the mosquito larvae growing there. When female mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water treated with a Mosquito Dunk Chunk, the larvae will hatch and begin to eat the Bti. The Bti will kill the mosquito larvae before they can grow up to become biting and disease-spreading adults. 

Each Mosquito Dunk Chunks -5 ct 

Mosquito Dunk ChunkŪ will effectively treat 25 square feet of surface water for at least 30 days. 

  • No mixing or measuring - simply toss! 
  • Each ChunkŪ covers up to 25 square feet of water, regardless of depth for 30 days. 
  • Convenient to use in bird baths, rain barrels, stock tanks - in any standing water 
  • Does not affect beneficial insects, honeybees, tadpoles, dragonflies, or anything else.