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UltraClear Aquatic Plant Nutrient

UltraClear Aquatic Plant Nutrient | UltraClear

UltraClear Aquatic Plant Nutrient

Limited Quantity Available

Manufacturer: UltraClear

SKU: XUCL1400-1410

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UltraClear Aquatic Plant Nutrient promotes lush growth of desirable aquatic plants in ponds, fountains and aquariums.Provides iron manganese and other necessary minerals.Does NOT contain nitrates, silicates, or phosphates, and does not cause algae blooms.Contains chelated nutrients for sustained presence, slow release and optimal plant nutrient uptake.During growth season, does two times per week to add nutrients required for proper plant growth.All other times dose once per week or as needed.Dilute product into a container of water before applying.  Use 1 ounce per 100 gallons.  

XUCL1400 - 12 oz 

XUCL1405 - 32 oz  

XUCL1410 - 1 gal