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Ultimate Koi Clay 5lbs

Ultimate Koi Clay 5lbs | Koi Clay

Ultimate Koi Clay 5lbs

Manufacturer: Ultimate Koi Clay


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100% all natural bentonite clay - naturally occuring hydrated aluminosillicate of sodium calcium magnesium and iron. Ideally suited for recirculating koi and garden ponds. Enhances the production of enzymes in all living organisms, improves water quality, and removes toxins from pond water. 

Beneficial to fish: 

  • colors will be more vivid and the white brighter, 
  • increased appetite and vigor.

Beneficial to plants: 

  • improves the nutrition by adding minerals that are lacking in garden soils
  • improves disease- resistance of plants. 

Dissolves well - can be added to pond water, fish food or potting soil.

UKC05: 5 lb



Calcium Bentonite Clay (100%), Natural Mineral, Montmorillonite

Forumla: Naturally occurring hydrated aluminosilicate of calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, sodium, and iron.



Use one level tablespoon of "KOI CLAY" for each 1,000 gallons (US) of water every other day for the first two weeks. Beginning the third week only dose one or two days per week. You can dissolve "KOI CLAY" into a container of pond water and pour it evenly around the pond, or make it into a mud ball and lay it in a gently flowing stream of water so it dissolves slowly.

The minerals contained in "KOI CLAY" are beneficial to all living things. They benefit your plants and fish, as well as the bacteria living in your filters. "KOI CLAY" will remove toxins (heavy metals, free radicals, and pesticides). "KOI CLAY" literally attracts these elements like a magnet and then sucks them up like a sponge. This causes the entire "mess" to settle so it can be removed by a good mechanical filter, or screened out manually. All this improves water clarity and quality.


"KOI CLAY" can be sprinkled on moistened fish food pellets or added to homemade paste foods. If you moisten the pellets you can also put them into a plastic bag containing "KOI CLAY" and shake it so the clay powder evenly covers the moist pellets. Spread them out onto a cookie sheet to dry and you can feed them later. Feeding your koi and goldfish calcium bentonite clay aids in their digestion as well as removing toxins from their bodies. By improving your fish's digestion it decreases the amount of waste they produce which in turn reduces the load on your filter thus improving water quality.


Within two or three weeks you will see an improvement in your water as well as the skin quality of your koi and goldfish. The colors will be more vivid, and the white ground brighter. Your fish will show increased appetites and vigor.


"KOI CLAY" can be added to your potting soil or garden dirt. You can sprinkle it on the surface of potted plants or mix it with the water when watering your plants. "KOI CLAY" will add minerals lacking in your garden soil and improve the nutrition as well as the flavor of your vegetables. It also improves disease resistance in your plants.